About Metastar, and how to navigate our site.

There is not much to say about us yet, we are just getting started :)

This is a fansite for[star], where we endeavor to keep track of all their myriad, labirynthine elements. We do this because the Chapman Brothers who are the driving force behind[star], are kind of crazy *yay*. They invent Random Stuff[star] either inspired by personal chaos or allegedly by people sending them emails[star]. These random Characters[star], [rg:Story Elements and Gags] then often become durable, appearing repeatedly in their work to come.

Also, they tend to hide more things than the Easter Bunny. Later I'll have an exact figure, but for now I would estimate that they hide an average of 3 non-obvious secrets per episode of material that they generate. (historicly this number started out low, maybe a secret per half-dozen episodes, and then escalated to 5 or 6 secrets per episode). Sometimes a secret proves to be bigger than the episode it was hidden in. Sometimes the secrets have secrets of their own secrets, branching out indefinately.

Seriously though, at least 25% of the material these guys generate is hidden exclusively in secrets! I know of at least 7 flash-based video games (of varying degrees of playability) that are hidden soully behind secrets in different animations. One of the latest is suitably enough called "Secret Collect"

Metastar was inspired by Burning Horizon's list of Strong Bad Email Secrets (He's listed in the Links section). Burning Horizon, well, he lists all of the strongbad emails and their secrets (that he's found out about so far, oh the joy of easter eggs :) That got us to thinking how cool it would be if such metainformation covered not only the Strong Bad Email[star], but the rest of the site, and not only the secrets, but all the Characters[star], [rg].

And so, Metastar was born. It took one of us quite awhile to convince the other to give up the name "Hitchhiker's guide to" and settle on something shorter like Metastar :).

How to navigate our site:

As you've probably noticed, we don't have any persistant navigation so far. (You know, a Title Bar, or Home Buttons, etc) but we do have many many Hyperlinked Phrases. These are handy to help one "surf" the varied jungle that is the meta-information of[star].

So we'll hyperlink any phrases that one could expect would lead one to further meta-information. Sometimes, we want to link to a page of ours that talks about a specific page of theirs (like a particular Cartoon[star], Strong Bad Email[star], or Character that they list on the Characters Page[star]). In those cases, we append a star ([star]) to the linked phrase. The phrase takes you to our analysis, and the star takes you to the real thing.

Like Burning Horizon's list of Strong Bad Email Secrets, we hope to add some cool features to our site like Content Voting, Forums, and a FAQ before too long. In the meantime stick with us, and Email Us if you have any suggestions, comments, typo fixes, etc.

Thank you :)