Games on[star]

These guys are pretty slick at making games. Oftentimes they employ the talents of "Videlectrix" (Jonathan Howe) in these endeavors.

Games available in the Games Menu[star]
  • Dancin' Bubs[star]
  • Homestar Talker[star]
  • Audition with Marzipan[star]
  • Bronco Trolleys[star]
  • Strong Libs[star]
  • Homestar Quiz[star]
  • Hairstyle Runner[star]
  • Awexome Cross[star]
  • Population Tire[star]
  • Trogdor![star]
Also, in the Museum[star], you'll find these older games and game menus:
  • Older Games Menu[star]
  • Oldest Games Menu[star]
  • Fortune Cookies[star]
  • Astrolite 2600[star]
  • She loves me..[star]
Finally, here are some links to games you can only get to from hidden places:
  • Secret Collect[star]
  • Strong Bad Zone[star]
  • Thy Dungeonman[star]
  • Rhihno Feeder[star]
  • Marshie's Malloween Mix-up[star]