Strong Bad Email[star]: "different town"[star]

  • Strong Bad[star] duets against himself unnervingly. That ruled. :)
  • Click on "eh, Stephen?" to see a high-brow lem rendering
  • KoT[star] hates peas?!?
  • The scoreboard shows "CGNU vs DeBry": I dunno who is DeBry?
  • The trading cards Pom Pom is on say "Biscuit Gravy" and the league is apparently "ABA" instead of "NBA"
  • Homsar is kinda creepy.. *ee!*
  • The disks say "BAAL"
  • SS[star]: "Noo, calm down, spazz.."
  • No, I don't know whasaa with the Bust of Boubou (and I can't prove that's how it's spelled neither :)
  • SB[star]: "Modestly hot my eye! I think my imagination's broke."
  • After the paper, click on "place" for a greeting card
  • Mouse over the area right of "back" to download the song :)