Toons[star]: Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon[star]

  • The door to the back of Bubs'[star] is labeled "door". And the cheat's shirt says "HENCHMAN"
  • Strong Bad[star] sure talks to himself a lot more in this one than usual
  • When The Cheat[star] hits the deck, his node bends on the ground
  • The bottle rockets are "FTHOOM-BANG" brand. That's why Strong Bad[star] told The Cheat[star] to "remove the FTHOOM"
  • The disks say "shogun"
  • Baklava is a greek pastry that isn't as show-stopping to pronounce as Strong Sad[star] and Marzipan[star] make it out to be. Further more, given the recipe, it looks mighty tasty :)
  • Transcript of Marzipan's[star] newspaper:

    The Latest News

    (It says this in each quadrant:) It's all true. All the rumors are true. The crime is on the rise in our very own town. Trust me on this one. I know what I'm talking about. No, wait. I don't. I make stuff up sometimes. That's cool though, right? Good. I'll keep doing it then. It's a lot easy than fact checking. That stuff can be annoying.

  • Homestar-Runner[star] finds more ways to nettle Marzipan[star]
  • Strong Bad[star]: "Now we can retire to the moon!" is an allusion to a fictional soy-sauce related email reflected upon in "personal favorites"[star]
  • The "Thank you" wall poster and "Trivia Time" cookie jar at SB's[star] hideout are from Homestar's house.
  • Strong Bad[star]: "Nonononono. N-NOnonononono."
  • All of the musical sound effects and "Duh duh duhhhhh"ing must harken back to some kind of crime tv show, but I'm not sure where from :)
  • When Homestar Runner[star] pesters Pom Pom[star] with the flashlight, above frame, the moon hangs kind of half-off the sky :]
  • Homestar Runner[star]: "Only you can prevent scouting! Boy, do we need forest fires!" .. I dunno, I always kinda prefered the lines: "Say no to school. Stay in drugs" (I got that off of TV fun house on SNL I think)
  • Pom Pom[star]: "Burbleburbleburbleburbleburble"
  • When they have The Poopsmith[star], their pile o' loot is augmented with Frank Benendetto, Pom-pom's[star] ipod and palm, and Senor Cardgage's ALDI bag full of candy bars. No jumbles[star] in sight.
  • The Cheat's[star] video camera says "Property of Kevin" on it
  • For those slow on the uptake "An anonymous tip from Strong Sad[star]" obviously isn't that anonymous. :)
  • While Homestar Runner[star] practices for the 2004 sectional finals[star], and before Marzipan[star] shows up, Pom-Pom's[star] palm starts blinking. If you zoom in, it has an inverse of the menu it had from "the bird"[star] blinking inexplicably. No, clicking on it doesn't seem to do any good.
  • Wait after the end for awhile to see some Marzipan's Answering Machine[star] action
  • Wait even longer to see what happened to The Poopsmith[star]
  • .. a little longer to see him get pestered