Toons[star]: "Under Construction" April Fools[star]

Coming soon! The biggest name is Web Advertising!

  • On Apr 1 2004, this cartoon came up in place of the[star] front page.
  • So it looks like THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. hostilly took over, woah!
  • Yes, it's full of typoes and grammatical errors, Courtesy of Gent/Leg Delabor.
  • Never fear, Stinkoman is here! Time for Mr. Under Construction "Sticklyman" to get 20x6d'ed
  • Stinkoman: "..."
  • Credits breakdown:
    • executive producer: h. yamauchi
    • producer: s. miyahon
    • director: s. miyahon, ten ten
    • designer: ten ten
    • programmer: t. nakazoo, maru maru
    • sound composer: konchan, paul pan, storm storm
    • quality: wibe snodgrass
    • actual items: foss tony
    • scare tactics: poncho
    • elevator action: tesoro dub
    • crotchety gnomes: perl bess
    • cover ups: kevin
  • It has "back" and "again" buttons but the toon auto-repeats (they may fix this later today?)
    • They fixed it on Apr 2
  • "back" takes you to the 20x6 mainpage, and "again" replays the cartoon.