Lightsecond Technologies

If you are looking for the Astrophotography website, it is here:
Christopher White's Astrophotography

Here is a compendium of websites hosted at

W-Axis. I got bored so I made a multiplayer version of tictactoe. Multi-dimentional tictactoe. Multi-dimentional torriodial tictactoe. Tictactoe that makes Lieutenant Commander Data cry and run home. It's in alpha at the moment so drop me a line with improvement ideas. Thx :)

Bring Back the 80's, weblog of Jesse Thompson, is no longer hosted here. I've moved it to Blogger. You can still see the old version until all it's content gets copied.

MetaStar, a Homestar Runner fan site

Flash Work, a slowly evolving section showcasing Jesse's Flash work. He often attemts and fails to get his work published on the popular Albino Blacksheep flash portal, where he goes by the hacker alias "iButton77" and is guilty of virtually every annoying antic that they have a sticky for.

Passphrases, and random word selector. Inspired by the XKCD comic Password Strength.

Dictionary word stereogram maker. Ever want to see a stereogram that you could print on a VT100 monitor (79x23 characters), made completely out of legitimate dictionary words for the background plus whatever words you'd like as part of your message?

Have you ever made a Javascript Canvas visualization tool to explore the properties of the sums in the Inverse Riemann Zeta function before? Well, apparently I have. Yay me. xD